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isolator Rennie landscape 2 I’m a science writer, editor and lecturer probably best known for my award-winning work as editor in chief of Scientific American, as the host of the TV series Hacking The Planet for The Weather Channel, and as the editorial director of McGraw-Hill Education’s online science reference AccessScience.

I like to blab about science—in print, online, on stage, in video, on podcasts, in classrooms, and on ViewMaster reels if anybody is still making those. All areas of science interest me, though I feel particular fondness for the life sciences, technology, and ethical and cultural challenges of new discoveries. I’ve been at this since the mid-1980s. This is the repository of my nonsense.

Read more about my background here, or use the site’s navigation to see samples of my work in various media, including my ongoing blogging at “The Gleaming Retort” for PLOS Blogs. Have a question? Let me know with the site’s contact form. Or follow me on Twitter at @tvjrennie.  —John Rennie

About that Thrilling Annotations image… It is adapted from the cover of the July 1926 issue of Science and Invention, one of many magazines published and edited by the science fiction pioneer Hugo Gernsback. The helmet is a device called the Isolator that Gernsback invented to help writers concentrate: it cut off the wearer from nearly all sounds and sights except for those of the writing materials at hand, while an incoming stream of pure oxygen invigorated the imagination. Well, whatever it takes. (With thanks to EDW Lynch at Laughing Squid for writing about it.)